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Lose up to 20 pounds in 30 days

We use a naturally approach to balance your hormones and body chemistry using all grocery store foods!

Weight Loss Hypnosis

Debbie Harris

Successful weight loss means NOT gaining your weight back.  The constant roller coaster of diet, losing weight, gaining it back, diet, losing weight…is unhealthy, depressing, expensive, and frustrating.  I know, I have done it for over 50 years.  It gets worse after age 35. 

Combining hypnosis with our 20/30 Fast Track and Listen To Your Body programs gives you the extra edge to make permanent changes in your weight and health.  Imagine how it will feel to never “diet” again.  To look in the mirror and see the image you want to see and know that you are in control. 

Debbie Harris is a certified & licensed hypnotist with the state of Connecticut and specializes in weight loss Hypnosis.  She offers both private and group sessions.

Maynestreet Corporate Wellness Program

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About Maynestreet Weight Loss

Debbie and David are personal success stories with the 20-30 Fast Track weight loss system.  Debbie was at the phase in her life that many mature women deal with.  Whatever she did, she couldn’t drop weight, exercise, diets nothing worked until they tried the 20-30 Fast Track program to balance hormones and between the both of them, they lost over 100 pounds together. 
And after 30 years,  David came off of blood pressure medications and improved his blood test results so much that he got a “preferred life insurance rate”*.  

It was their success with the program that drove them to launch Maynestreet Weight Loss. 

David Mayne

Debbie Harris

* Results may vary based on adherence to the program.

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