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How people are dropping pounds fast and why it stays off.

Most common problems losing weight:

  • Never had an issue and now you have weight gain.
  • You can eat well and exercise and still can’t lose weight. 
  • You may drop a few pounds and then get stuck.
  • If you are over 35 years, it may be all 3 points above.

Here is what is happening:
When your body chemistry is out of balance and cortisol becomes dominant, weight loss becomes very difficult because your body may be preset for automatic fat storage.

So you may lose weight on a diet, but as soon as you return to your normal eating lifestyle, the weight returns.

At Maynestreet, we help you reset your body to "burn food as fuel" and weight is quickly released.

Plus we help you find the eating lifestyle that works for you so you can keep it off!

At Maynestreet, we help you reset your body from storage to burn and weight is quickly released. Plus we help you find the eating lifestyle that works for you!

Ken Released 52 Pounds on Maynestreet
Liz Released 80 Pounds on Maynestreet

Results are based on adherence to the program.

"Living on Maynestreet"

Living on Maynestreet is about bringing your body to balance at a weight that you feel comfortable and finding the eating lifestyle that works best for you.

Clients of the program report improvement in the following conditions:

  • High Blood Pressure Gone
  • Blood Sugar Stabilized
  • No More Acid Reflux
  • Insomnia/Sleeping More Soundly
  • Reduce inflammation
  • No More Hot Flashes & Night Sweats
  • Migraine Headaches Eliminated
  • Greater Mental Clarity
  • IBS Symptoms Eliminated
  • Increased Energy

The Maynestreet Weight Loss Program
Phase One - the Reset

Our 30 day reset is used to balance and enhance your body chemistry and put you in a healthy state to release the fat storage.  The Reset is paired with selected foods to meet your goals and lifestyle needs.  

All Resets are based on holistic methods and grocery store and restaurant foods.
No Chemicals, Drugs, Hormones, Fads or Gimmicks!

Typical results for people that adhere to the program:

  • Women typically  release 16 -20 pounds in Phase One.
  • Men typically release 17 -22 pounds in Phase One.
  • Weight typically released around the face, back and belly in Phase One, but everyone is unique.

Phase Two - Coaching & Food Study

In Phase One our goal was to balance your body chemistry and build a foundation for you to find your personal eating lifestyle.

In Phase Two you will work with one of our Program Coaches to continue your weight loss journey and begin to reintroduce foods back into your eating plan.  All foods and beverages are intended to come back into your eating plan.

The coach plays an important role in keeping you accountable and helping move you through “set points, stalls, plateau…” using a systematic approach to reintroduce foods back into your eating plan.  So you understand how those foods may effect you and if they produce a symptom or reaction for you.  

Example: “Bagels put weight on me”, “Potatoes give me inflammation”,  “Almonds upset my stomach”… That doesn’t mean that you can’t have these things.  You know there is a consequence that comes with that choice. 
It is the understanding that empowers your food choices.

When you reach your goal weight you will enter maintenance and complete your food study.   At that point, you will have the tools and understanding to maintain YOUR EATING LIFESTYLE.

Living on Maynestreet is not about deprivation, it is about understanding your choices and having the tools to maintain your health and lifestyle goals.  

“I have tried several programs in the past but none have driven the results as quickly or dramatically as the Maynestreet program.
More importantly I think the program has provided me with the tools and coaching to sustain the progress I’ve made by giving me the steps and confidence to handle normal ups and downs in my diet and be able to “recover“ when those things happen rather than give up.  
It simply works.” 

Ken E

Program Support and Accountability Everyday

One of the keys to the success of the Maynestreet program is real human support and accountability on a daily basis.  It is the human engagement that keeps our clients successful on our programs.

Join The Maynestreet Team

Help us change lives, the first one starts with YOU.

Program Coaches
Part-time - Paid

Our program coaching is for those that have been through our programs and want to mentor other people through the same process.   Coaching is done by phone or zoom on a call that last for about 10 – 15 minutes with each client.  During the call, you will monitor progress, address issues, answer questions and administer the individual food study.

Compensation is based on a per client per month rate for each client that is assigned to you. If you like sharing in the success of other, this is a great side gig that you can do from anywhere and you choose your schedule availability.

Contact us to find out more...

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