Change Your Body in 90 Days

Change Your Body in 90 Days. What do you see when you look in the mirror? How do you feel when you look in the mirror? Just a couple of questions to think about. Just for a couple minutes. I’m Debbie Harris. I’m the co-owner of Maynestreet Weight Loss on the Connecticut shoreline. We work with people all over the country. When you look in the mirror, do you feel good? 

Do you feel like that’s the person you are? That’s the person you want to see every day? Do you ever wink at yourself? I used to do that a lot. Smile at yourself? How about this one? Maybe you look in the mirror and it’s not exactly what you want. Maybe you still feel like you’ve got that weight on. Maybe you feel like you just don’t feel great. You just don’t feel like winking at yourself for having that smile.

 I want you to know that there is help. Now we have a new program. It’s a 90 day transformation reset program. Do you think that you could change the way you feel when you look in the mirror in 90 days? You bet you can. Amazing changes we’re seeing. Weight coming off, feeling better, sleeping better, having more energy than maybe you’ve never had. Maybe since you were a kid. 

Think of kids running around with all that energy. Teenagers running around with all that energy. All right, let’s get back to that mirror. I want you to look at it every day and wink at yourself and smile and see that person you want to be because for a long time I didn’t feel that way. And if you want to talk about this, we can do that privately. You might be seeing this in an email. Just reply to me and I’ll respond to you. 

There will also be a phone number. If you’re seeing this on Youtube, just put a comment, tell me where I can reach you, tell me how I can reach you or get in touch with me. I’m all over social media and I’ll see you in my next video.

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