Are Weight Loss Choices Confusing You?

Are Weight Loss Choices Confusing You? Do you get information off of Google? Look up things, go to social media, read the paper, look at the news. Do you ever get confused? Just like what’s going on? How come I thought this was true and now I find out that it’s completely different. Something completely different is true. 

I’m Debbie Harris. I’m the co owner of Maynestreet Weight Loss . And believe me, I understand and I too experience confusion. You know, I said to a doctor’s office today, in fact, hey, I’m being certified as a health coach and I’m confused. How does the average person figure out what is going on? Should I eat certain foods? For example, here’s a great example, estrogen based breast cancer, which I’ve had and soy, soy based products. Now a couple of years ago it was, don’t eat any of them, none of them. 

Now my naturopathic doctor says eat them, they actually are a preventative. So I went to the internet as a good friend says, Professor Internet and I looked it up and I found out that in fact, that is the case right now, Alcohol, I had a client talking to me this morning. She said, did you know Deb, do you remember how they said a little bit of alcohol is good and healthy and they use Italians as the example who drink wine every day? Well, now they’re saying no amount of alcohol is healthy. 

Here’s the thing. If you’re confused, there is a ton of information out there. I want you to put a comment here. I want you to email me Go to our website, Go to our social media and most important hit Subscribe here if you’re watching this onYouTube. There’s tons more information. Oh, and I do want to tell you, we are running $100 special right now. If you have weight to take off by Summer, we should talk. Thanks.

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