Are you feeling like a failure every time you try a new Diet or Fitness program?
Food is an addiction that ties to many things and starts from a very early age.
Here are 5 Tips to help you overcome.


TIP #1
Change your words to Reducing or Releasing instead of Losing. Losing something has a
negative energy attached to it. We are sad and frustrated when we lose something. Think
about a small child losing their toy. How about the last time you couldn’t find your car keys
or your cell phone?

TIP #2
Spend a little time thinking about your WHY. Why do you want to take the excess weight
off? Do you want to feel healthier, get off medications, feel more confident, play with your
children or grandchildren, travel, remain independent, wear clothes you haven’t worn?
Write down your WHY. You may have several. Get into the emotional space of each one.
Which one really gets you in your gut? Focus on that one.

TIP #3
Get support from a few people close to you. Who can you count on to be there to motivate
you? Not the people who say, “oh come on, what is the harm in one cookie, or one drink,
or one bagel.” Not the people who say, “but it’s so and so’ birthday, or wedding, or baby
shower, or anniversary or whatever.” You want to let the world know you are getting
healthier by the day, and you would appreciate all positive vibes. Remember – you can set
an example for others when you choose healthier choices. People who attempt to sabotage
you are projecting something about themselves. If you can’t stay away from them, work on
tuning them out and reach out to someone who is totally in your camp.

TIP #4
Remove the words, BAD and CHEAT from your vocabulary. Food is not BAD. Straying from
your program is not CHEATING. You are an adult making grown up choices. Sometimes you
might not make the BEST choice. Look at it. Why did you make a less than stellar choice?
Were you starving, tired, upset, bored, stressed? Sometimes we just need to keep our
hands busy while watching TV. Cut up an apple into small pieces so you can take each piece
when eating. I have had clients take up knitting. Think about how you can plan and catch
those less than BEST choices before they happen.

TIP #5
Keep moving your body and drink water (okay this is two tips in one). Walk, walk, walk. If
you have a treadmill /elliptical/bike (right now being used as a clothes hanger), start with 5
minutes 3x per week. Work up by adding 2 minutes every week to each session. Get up
from your desk and get a glass of water every hour. It will keep you moving, help your body
stay hydrated, help flush fat and fill you up if you are cutting back on calories.

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Ken - 50 Pounds

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