MAynestreet Corporate wellness program,

Maynestreet Company Wellness Program

We bring corporate wellness to life

For many companies, wellness is a well meaning goal that has lots of challenges, user adoption the biggest.  This is where the Maynestreet program is completely different.  The user benefit is weight loss and improved health with no fitness work required.  Our program balances their body chemistry so the body can release the excess fat stores and weight falls off fast, up to 20 pounds in 30 days and as much as 100 pounds or more if they stay on the program.  That is a big win for you and your employee, right?  But behind the scenes blood sugars are stabilized, blood pressure returns to normal, pain and inflammation subsides and many other medical benefits.  the employee feels better, has more energy, is more productive and hopefully more loyalty.  Healthcare cost plummet for the company as you see employee body chemistry move into the “Preferred” range.   


  • Easy to deploy and internally market
  • Fixed cost programs
  • Fast & tangible results in 30 days
  • Results reporting for management
  • Virtual meetings
  • Remote employee shipping & support
  •  Central or distributed billing
  • “flex spending” compatible

• Improve Employee Health Behaviors
• Reduce Elevated Health Risks
• Reduce Healthcare Costs
• Increase Employee moral
• Improve Productivity
• Decrease Absenteeism
• Improve Employee Recruiting and Retention
• Builds and Sustain Company Loyalty

Find out how to bring your corporate wellness program into the life of your staff.
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