Welcome to hypnosis with Debbie

Hypnosis is a wonderful, relaxed state where together we can use positive suggestions to replace certain behaviors with better behaviors. You are always in control as the hypnotist is merely the trained facilitator of this experience.

To prepare for your upcoming Hypnosis session, please do the following:

  • Be seated in a comfortable chair. You may have your legs raised if that is more
    comfortable for you.
  • Have a blanket that you can cover yourself with if you tend to get chilly (this can often
    happen as you relax)
  • Be sure your cell phone is OFF and that all other distractions are removed, i.e., pets,
    children, others in the home

For Hypnosis Services, Please read and acknowledge the following:

Neither Maynestreet Weight Loss, LLC nor its representatives are medical doctors, psychiatrists, or psychologists and as such cannot diagnose medical and/or psychiatric problems.
Maynestreet Weight Loss, LLC and its representatives base their recommendations within the framework of hypnosis training and do not intend to prevent, treat, or cure, mental and/or physical disease. Maynestreet Weight Loss, LLC and its representatives are not a substitute for
a person’s medical physician, psychiatrist, or psychotherapist – but are happy to work with those professionals upon request.