Maynestreet Informational Webinars

Why a Webinar

The purpose of the webinar is to give you the information that you need to decide if the Maynestreet weight loss program is right for you.  It is done with an informational presentation, but we also invite our current clients to come and share their experiences with you.  

They are not compensated in any way for sharing their experience.  They don’t even come to help us, they come to help you.  They want you to understand that they found something special, something that works to manage their weight, make them healthier and improve their life.  We typically max out at 20 prospects and 4 existing clients.  

There is a health pre-qualification step to insure that you can do our program.  Please call us at 860.322.4725 it takes about 10 minutes to complete.

“This is not a sales pitch, if you need to be sold on losing weight and getting healthier, then you are not ready for our program” 
David Mayne